This Month's Selections:

Please taste and leave your feedback for each of the entries brought to this month’s meeting below: 

Philly Weisse

Philly Weisse is a modern interpretation of a historic beer style utilizing traditional grains and hops, but departs from convention with the help of a novel yeast strain. Classical Berliner Weisse beers are low in alcohol, light in color, soured with lactic acid producing bacteria and serve as the basis for this recipe. While Philly Weisse has its roots entwined in German brewing tradition, a newly isolated yeast strain, Wildbrew™ Philly Sour, provides the signature tart character without the need to utilize lactobacillus. Equal proportions of wheat and pilsner malt create a soft, delicate malt character with notes of fresh bread and moderate cracker, while a pinch of hops adds a subtle herbal and floral aroma. Wildbrew Philly Sour ties it all together, lending an elegant tart acidity to create a dry, crisp and extremely refreshing beer.

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