2022 1st Annual Homebrew Competition

What a great weekend it was and a huge thanks to judges that drove all the way to Topeka to help us with our IPA competition.

**Wichita blew EVERYONE out of the park this year, taking not only 1st, but also 2nd and 3rd place. Please join me in congratulating: **

Matt Miller

Double Hazy IPA

Michael Wilcox

Unnamed IPA

Tyler Sontag

a Cold IPA

Wichita, we hope you’ll host next year and lay the smackdown on the rest of the Midwest!
Also congratulations to the 3 other individuals who made it to the final round of judging: Billy Campbell from St Joe with his Crazy 8 IPA, Travis Johnston from Lawrence with his MT-Brewing IPA and Jarrod Lynds, also from Lawrence, with his Lutramatic IPA.
A detailed breakdown of the scores has been mailed to each brew club and/or participant. Please reach out if you are interested in the results and were not included in the email.

Competition Details


India Pale Pale
Any type of IPA


Up to 3 entries per club

Location & Date

October 2022
Topeka, KS
Time Pending (evening)


One representative per club will be asked to blindly judge the entries

Hosted By The Great Topeka Hall of Foamers
Let's Have a Beer-y Good Day