About Us

The Greater Topeka Hall of Foamers

About the Club

The Greater Topeka Hall of Foamers homebrew club is dedicated to teaching the brewing process to anyone who is interested.  We enjoy brewing and tasting a wide variety of beer, wine, cider and mead.

Our focus is on improving the brewing process of any interested brewer. In keeping with our mission, monthly meetings feature an educational session on making beer, wine, cider or mead.

Each month members bring samples of homebrewed and commercially brewed beverages to share, receive feedback or just to make room in bottles and kegs for your next great brew!

Mission Statement

The Hall of Foamers is formed to promote the skillful brewing and safe and healthful consumption of beer.

  1. To provide the support and information needed to help others develop the skills needed to excel in the art of brewing.
  2. To stay abreast of new brewing techniques and the development of new beers by brewing, tasting and discussing critically all styles recognized by the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP)
By Laws

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2024 Club Officers

President: Ryan Talley

Vice President: Travis Youngblood

Secretary: Seth Gallmeyer

Treasurer: Heather Lawson

Brew Master: Shawn Wilcox