February 2019 Minutes

Greater Topeka Hall of Foamers Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

7-9pm on 3rd Floor of Norseman Brewery Company, 830 N. Kansas Ave.

  1. Welcome and Introduction of Guests – Bring a friend night was a roaring success! More than a dozen friends and family
  2. Approval of January Minutes – Unanimously approved
  3. Volunteers
    Clean Up & Munchies Volunteers – Jill on Cleanup Gerry and John Dean on Munchies for March
    Facebook Posts – John Dean and Seth Gallmeyer
  4. Treasurer’s Report membership renewal is $20 per year  see Jay or use paypal – around $3500 total club funds. Over $300 in dues taken this year. Always accepting members and can talk to Jay or get online at GTHoF

  5. Announcements/Informational/Discussion Items
    Brew Brothers Hops & Sprockets for IPAs  -Registration opens February 14th, 2019, and closes March 4th, 2019.  Entries will be accepted from February 28th, 2019, to March 4th, 2019. Some    Collect beers to deliver? – Gerry volunteered to write up and collect the beers if you’re interested in entering.
    Melville brewing Boil Rumble – Entered Mike Tate’s Nancy’s Brown Ale made it thru 2nd round will be sending beer soon – If it were to win, it’ll be produced at the Melville Commercial Brewery.
    2-16  KC Bier 5th Anniversary festival
    March:   Moberts cooking with Beer  2-16 Sat – Happy Bassett Beer!
    March Mtg – 3-13   Bring an Irish Beer – Home brew or otherwise
    3-16  Parade Float with Blind Tiger! See John Dean
    April Mtg: Bring a Wheat Beer – Any Wheat Beer
    May Mtg: Bring a Maibock and the monthly meeting will be at Barristers that evening
    Call for volunteers on Summer Party in July – Club provides funding for the meat. Jeremiah volunteered and asked for help from others.
    Fall education: Off flavors possibly with Happy Basset opening of new Happy Basset Location – Possible alt location for meetings once open.
    June – August: Brew Bank will open downtown Topeka
  6. Old Business
    New t-shirt design – Pricing available Gerry Pricing TBD but should be ~$25 for a polo and ~$17 for a t-shirt
    Parkville April 27 see Shawn – 9 Beers confirmed and lots of space left on the tap box
    KC Nano Fest – May 18th see Shawn – 12 kegs confirmed – Brewers tickets are gone.
  7. New Business
    Nebraska has bill going thru Legislature that would allow Homerbrews to serve at Beer Festivals if the resolution is passed.  Omaha Beer Fest is 6-29-19
    May 4th Big Brew for National Homebrew Day -Do all four types of brewing, All grain, BIAB, Extract, Partial
    Fall Grain SMaSH experiment: 12 Different Grains, Mozaic, US-05     Club covering cost: ~$200 for the supplies. Will need 12 to sign up in August, brew in September, and imbibe in November
    September Mtg – Strange Brew Mtg – Anything strange or out of the ordinary.
  8. Program: Introduction to GTHoF
    Ed started his introduction at 725 and was promptly stopped at 730.
    The main point was that the GTHoF has been around since 1987 started out of Bob Bunson’s Basement. Fun-loving crew that loves to brew and drink. Invited all attendees to join us for future mtgs.

Adjourn for Social Tasting

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